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Seems official: Molot not making weapons any more

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Was poking around on progress at Molot (maker of Veprs). They were in deep dodo for a while - couldn't pay their employees. Apparently Russian government is bailing them out, but looks like the price of the bailout was to move all weapons manufacture to Izhmash. Another interesting development was that it seems Russians got Beretta to move in to build guns for sale to Russia and other CIS states. Here is the article I found: Russian newspaper

Does anyone know anything newer/better?

If the news is accurate it sure is a sad moment. Veprs were so good.

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My understanding was that Molot was no longer allowed to produce AK pattern rifles as they are protected in Russia by copyright laws there (thank god they aren't protected everywhere else) so that Izhmash is the only one allowed to produce Kalashnikovs in Russia. Just because the Russians are new to capitalism, doesn't mean they aren't good at it.

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If I recall Ishmash won a patent infringement suit and now owns Molot.


Yes, I remember seeing a news link a few years back about this. The court decision resulted in Izmash taking left over Molot assets and essentially owning what was left.

The 2006 Veprs that made it here were courtesy of RAA which we all know is the Izmash importer. The last info on why RAA stopped importing them here was they were too expensive and not enough people wanted to pay over $600 in 2006 for an unconverted vepr. This was when Saigas were retailing for half of that. I'm not sure why the same company in Russia demanded that much more for their Vepr products considering all things equal in manufacturing costs unless there is some unknown variable involved. Did Izmash really shut down the Vepr plant permanently?

Any actual recent news link to this? And in direct comparison to the original post's mention of Molot employees not being paid, I think we can all remember the news around Jan this year of Izmash filing bankrupcy. I suppose the vepr line is maybe not as profitable as the saiga line and only one plant has good use to also manufacture their military contract weapons as well.



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