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Ive always really liked the look of the bakelite mags but how durable are they? Ive read that they have reinforced metal feed lips which impressed me but there doesnt seem to be much info out there. I live in NY so the pre-ban factor makes them pretty desirable to me as well. The local shop around here wants 25$ for metal com-block pre-bans so spending and extra 10$ and getting something with a cool Izhevsk logo that matches the rifle makes sense to me if there good mags.

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Cheapest I have seen orange Bakelite for os anou $75 when you cam find them. I had one in my pre-saiga days. It was very tough.



yep like quoted above, Bakelites wil run 65+ they seem to be a tad cheeper in the 5.45x39

even the Bulgarian waffel circle 10's will run 50+ in plum

I was actually contemplating trading my Plum 30rder for an orange :unsure: I really like the contrast it would have,


and an orange mag would russle the feathers of the oldtimers at the range :lolol:

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I have about 30 of then for my 74's(5.45) and they are the best . if you want some I can tell you where you can get a few in 7.62 x39 for $40 each he has both izh(triangle) and tula(star) marked ones.PM me if you want me to send it to you, as far as your NY problem here's an idea "MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!" :lolol: no but really have them shipped to a friend/family that lives out of state and have them take them apart and ship them as repair parts and what you do from there is on you its legal in CA so I assume its legal in NY.

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Actually, the way it works is that THEY would have to prove it was imported after. Prima-Facia, IT IS pre-ban. In the peoples republik of kalifornia, for example, if you possess it and it is a preban magazine (and you lived in the state before the ban), you are good to go UNLESS they can prove you imported it into the state after the ban.

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I have a few of the 7.62x39mm Bakelite mags and yes they do have metal feed lips as i welded in a small bullet guide so that they feed and function perfectly in my saiga rifle.

They are durable and i have had no problems with mine and they look cool too.



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