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Post Photos Of Your Lone Star Arms Custom Saiga 12

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Hi guys,


For those of you still contemplating a custom S-12 build, know this; Lone Star Arms is the real deal and Michael Rogers is the man. The fit and finish on my S-12 custom build is top notch, bar-none. LSA comes most highly recommended.



















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A few pics of my first S12 built by Lone Star. :super::exciting:








Now that I finally got to shoot my S12 I gotta say it was worth every penny! :super:


From my first phone call to Mike to the time the shotgun was in my hands was about a month +/- a week. I didnt have all the money up front but turns out that that wasnt a problem. LSA let me do payments AS they were working on my S12. During the build Mike kept me in the loop through phone calls and PMs. All my PMs (questions) were answered the same day.


Today I got to take it to the range and blast a few hundred rounds through it. NOT ONE problem! I ran the China-mart's Winchester white box, bulk pack and Remington's low brass bulk pack (Dick's) In between I switched to random high brass and slugs and than back to the low brass bulk stuff. Also did a few 10 round mag dumps. Mikes S12 functioned flawlessly and I was surprised at the low recoil of the slugs (maybe I thought they would be worse). Afterwords I checked the whole gun, nothing was loose, no screws or rivets were coming out. The only real problem I had was lack of ammo and targets :D


The gun was built, tested and shipped very quickly. The quality is top notch, and reliability is 100% You get your money worth when you buy a Lone Star Arms S12!


Thanks Mike and everyone at LSA!

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Another Happy Customer Here

Thanks Mike 027.gif




~Lonestar Arms High Performance Tactical Build

~HK Sights with Tritium Front Blade

~Magpul CTR with Enidine Shot Stock / CSS Pushbutton Folder

~Tromix Charging Handle

~Barrel Shroud from AlumaliteUSA

~Duracoat HK Black








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Here is a picture of a happy old man, up in the mountains, with his Lone Star Arms Saiga 12. Everyone said Mike Rogers at LSA was the Saiga 12 Guru and they were correct. This gun couldn't function more perfectly, dumps a mag as fast as I can pull, with no FTF or FTE. My Lady and I ofter discuss the probability of Zombies coming out of Balto and DC if there ever is an emergency and it is quite possible we will have to defend what we have. Although I have always been well protected here, I can't imagine a better self defense weapon than a LSA Saiga 12. Mike, if you happen to read this, thanks for a great job, money couldn't buy a more efficient firearm. Take care. Ron Amos


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Thought you guys might enjoy this pic of my S-12 "Signcutter" built by Mike Rogers at Lone Star Arms. Note one shell hitting ground and three shells in the air.


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He is a artist. The most sexy Saigas come from him :-)

Sorry my not perfrct english :-(

If john Dilinger woud be up to day, he at least got one Lone Star S12


LSA Moderator response:


Þú ert velkomin hérna, hvenær sem er. Komið heimsókn, vinur minn!

Fyrirgefðu ófullkomna íslensku mína.


You are welcome, anytime!



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I don't post much, I just research and admire, but what we have here is a prime reason why there is NO REASON to go anywhere else and wait 6 months to a year and a half for a s12 job when you can send it to Mike Rogers at LSA and have it back within 6-8 weeks (4 weeks in my case!) and have the baddest gun around. LSA is where it's at. Great customer service, a real nice guy to talk to, great turn around and a quality finished product. I feel sorry for the poor guys sending their guns to other places last year still waiting and I've got mine completed in a month. Unbelievable quality. Please refrain from using words like "sexy" or phrases that indicate you have, or are post erection because that's just weird and doesn't make sense to me. We are grown ass men and its a gun, not a porn star. Its a damn good looking firearm, lets just put it at that. Thanks Mr. Rogers. This is now my favorite gun.



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