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Been out of Saigas for 2 years, What's New?

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Been playing with other guns the past two years, I got my Saiga 12 in a few 3 gun matches this past year, but that's it. MD Arms Drums and magwells were just starting to get popular when I left things here. What new Saiga products are out there? Last round bolt hold opens? New sights? New forarms and rail systems? Are there more magazine manufactures (Surefire, AGP, who else)? Does anyone make a left side thumb safety kit for Saigas? I almost forgot that I have (2) Izhmash 8 rounders and (2) Izhmash Saiga grips in my collection, I'm guessing the mags are still pretty valuable?


I want to get another Saiga to make a really cool 3 gun shotgun, I don't have money for the R&R Saigas, but I'd like to build something that functional. Might consider building a Short Barrel Shotgun, we'll see.


Here is the last picture of my Saiga 12 from 2008:


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Well, MD-20s were just on sale for $75.00 & due to ProMag's new cheap knockoffs, MD-20s have leveled out at $120.00. :up:


Also, Rusmilitary has Russian 8s in stock more often, MD makes a great Molot grip, Tom of Cadiz released a LRBHO, & many more attractive foregrips are available for you...


I kinda like K-Var's




With their front foregrip retainer, one could easily mount a 2" rail underneath the gas block.


Oh yeah....


We have a bolt polishing tutorial sticky now too if you should be so inclined to attempt the job yourself.


Also, check out Carolina Shooter's Supply...

They have 1 or 2 (hundred) new parts for the platform. :up:

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