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I have a new converted Saiga12 with new CHAOS PorkyPine shotgun bayonet installed.


Shotgun is brand new, and was only fired 10 rounds to test function after conversion.


Priced to sell quickly! *Posted on other forums as well.*


Will consider trades. Got a nice AR or AR-10?


Thanks for looking.


Converted S12 only with stock 5 round & 1 10 round AGP mag:$800 shipped.

CHAOS PorkyPine Bayonet: $215Shipped.


Or- $975 shipped for all.


Converted using Tapco G2 double hook trigger and DIY Tromix trigger guard, double E-clips and SAW grip.

USPS MO CONUS. Your FFL must be willing to accept shipping from individual.


S12 for sale is on the right:


Drum mag for sale is on left:



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Has the weapon been refinished, or touched up on the bottom of the receiver where the plate was removed?


Yes. I prepared, cleaned and sanded the surface, then used a High Heat semi-gloss. RustOleum grill or Duplicolor Engine Enamel.


I have other pics during the process if there's anything in particular you want to see. :super:




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Bumpty-bump :smoke:


Come on! Somebody buy this thing!


I will entertain reasonable offers, but I am at pretty much rock bottom prices for the shotty already.


The conversion was very well done and fitted using back the BHO as well.


Buy this thing so I can get my RFB! :super:

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:unsure: Just out of curiosity, did you actually sell them? If so, if you don't mind my asking, how much did the Porkypine go for? Did you get the price you asked for it here?


Did not sell, and I refuse to take less. They're not hurting a thing in the safe. Was able to sell a couple other pieces to raise the needed funds anyway. :smoke:

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