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The Nemesis for Saiga 12

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better lighting in the bathroom

I would like to introduce the newest rails in the Chaos line up, NEMESIS and TITAN rail system. These are the mother of all rails saiga! Almost 18" of top rail that hinges open allowing for access to

Yea, I so need to convert it now. Sold off my Tapco T6 a while ago and still deciding on stock etc. Kind of a magpul fan.   Pictures were taken with like a 8 year old camera, hope this holds you g

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Bout time hippie :lolol: Can't wait to see the completed project, never known your stuff to be anything but right. Glad to see you decided to do this as it's going to really improve the sight radius. Right on.

Hippe :lolol::lolol::lolol: True that!!! I think once people see these in real life they will love them.


Looks great Cameron!

Thanks Shannon.

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Why oh why!?!? First it was the extended rail. Then it was the extended rail with sights. And now this. Will I ever get finished with my S-12?


Same question.... Will this top rail work with your current lower tri-rail?

Yes, these will work with any Chaos lower rail.

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Any news on these? I'm ready to dump some cash :D


It looks like the front is the same thing as the current extended quad rail, and the addition is he dust cover rail that we get to choose?

The entire top rail is different from anything we manufacture currently, but it will fit any lower Chaos rail.

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I really like what you've done in further developing your product. This "flat top" thing really opens up a lot of different sighting options as well as the application of various iron setups. No more looking at the "Russian" systems and just drooling at it. I too am also concerned about the weight issue but I guess that all depends on the material used and how the weight is distrubuted on the gun.


I look forward to seeing the final product.

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I'm liking what I'm seeing, but I would like to see alternative drums/appetures for the hk sites. A close range peep the same size as the ones on ARs would be good...


Also, there needs to be a super sized AK-style front sight set up....


this is off topic so i apologize in advance..it relates to this specific post^^, I posted pics of my Krebs front combat shotgun sight after I replaced the factory AR style sight post with an XS sights AR Big Dot Tritium Sight post and it is completely badass for close range quick aquisition irons in ANY sort of light. Here's the thread There are many options, you don't nessecarily need Cam to offer anything else. You could simply call any company that sells open shotgun sights and ask to order JUST a fron tsight or JUST a rear sight.

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