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Pauly's GlassBolt Special!!! $99.99 with FREE F

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Welcome to Pauly's Steelin's Grand Opening Special!!!


As an introduction to the forum, Pauly's Steelin' is offering Pauly's Glass Bolt Service!!!


Bolt, Bolt Carrier, & FULL Fire Control Group Refinement/Fitting for the ridiculously low price of $99.99 with FREE Fed-Ex shipping insured at $800.00!!!







With this modification, Pauly's Steelin' will GREATLY reduce friction to assist the Saiga-12, Saiga-20, 410 & Rifles to achieve the utmost reliability & GREATLY improves ease of loading Magazines on a closed bolt! Pauly's Steelin' will mirror polish & correctly machine the Bolt, ramp & treat the bottom of the carrier for optimal resistance reduction, treat the rail guides, recoil spring channel, all friction bearing parts on the fire control group, including the axis pin, to complete a perfect Trigger Job for both reliability & to make is slicker than... Well.... In addition, Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication will also tune the extractor, tighten the retaining pins & Notch the BHO for further reliability for NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!



Here's a video of the Pauly's Steelin's Self Resetting mainspring tuning in action. My springs CANNOT wander inward causing trigger resetting issues!








The utmost care is taken to ensure factory timing & maintain factory headspace.


Elsewhere, a lesser service has cost upward of $165!


At Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication.

When our name is going out on it, it's got to be the best & we're the only shop proud enough to post pictures of our finished work.

Too much pride in workmanship to simply "Cut Corners" & try to cover it up by requesting you hide it.


This modification can be done to bolts & carriers in factory condition;




Or to add the finishing touches to work you or others previously performed;




(the utmost care & precise measurements will be taken to ensure optimal strength)



This service by Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication may be the difference between a borderline reliable gun reaching reliability!*

This modification from Pauly's Steelin Custom Fabrication helps greatly with cycling the lower powered rounds, especially through the various Saiga-12 drums, being as the springs are much stronger in the drums than stick mags. Pauly'Steelin' Custom fabrication's GlassBolt is the service preferred by the Drums designers!



It is standard practice at Pauly's Steelin Custom Fabrication to use the finest Mitutoyo precision measuring equipment throughout every step of the process to ensure the highest quality workmanship. Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication has never, and will never ruin the customers vital firearms parts because of this.

We keep the tolerances consistent unit it to unit being as the units are hand machined at the factory. The only way to do this is by treating each unit as an individual.

This is vital, due to the fact that this procedure, if not done properly, with precision equipment, can set up the firearm for the risk of slam-fire & endanger the end user.


Additionally Pauly's Steelin Custom Fabrication & Firearms Accessories will media blast & treat the entire carrier, to even further reduce friction & give a very sharply finished look, but not a mirrored finish so you will not give up tactical advantage FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!






This is a limited time introductory offer and may end without notice.





Pauly's Steelin Custom Fabrication believes in the highest level of precision, quality & customer service at the lowest prices. Customer satisfaction is Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication's highest priority, so Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication strongly suggests shipping with UPS, or Fed-Ex, signature required to ensure the best piece of mind for the consumer.

I will omit the signature requirement upon written request included with shipment.

The US Postal service lacks a real time tracking number, so Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication will not return ship through the US Postal Service & can not encourage my customers enough to avoid shipping with them also.


Parts to include with your shipment;






6-1 axis pin (for trigger axis)




The superior finish of this modification is guaranteed to increase the value of the firearm.


All orders include FREE FED EX SHIPPING Insured for $800.00


Pauly's Steelin' Custom Fabrication is a registered & insured business with the city of Portland Oregon.

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Looks like a great deal Pauly

About how long is the expected turnaround time for this work?

I've been shipping about 2 days after I receive all the parts.

I ship Fed-Ex, so shipping is MUCH faster than USPS.

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99 is a screaming deal for the amount of work it takes to polish this much steel (not to mention re-profile certain parts) and on top of all that it include rather pricey fed ex shipping.



That said I can not wait to get mine back. :)

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Pauly, do you take walk-ins? I live a bit south of Portland, but I'm up there pretty regularly. I could easily drop off and pick up my parts once I finally get the new FCG components in a couple weeks.

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