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Contact: Max Baucus U.S. Senator and Jon Tester U.S. Senator.

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These are the two senators that wrote a letter to the ATF to knock it off with the multiple long gun sales reports.


This was seen as an overburden to FFL's.


Type in: NRA ILA in a google search and click on that NRA link. Read the letter they wrote and what they used to remind them about the recent Supreme Court rulings.


They will probably be able to get something done about the whole "shotgun study" that has everybody upset.


This is just an idea and since they may be looking at their budget in the very near future it might be worth while.


I know it may seem that this new ATF director can do as he pleases (not true to a certain point) he still has to answer for his actions or lack of actions (not answering a request from U.S. Senators)..can lead to some ugly problems in D.C.


I know we are talking about interpreting policy and how the ATF plays with words or avoids giving straight answers. They can still get themselves into trouble for going to far with their interpretations.


Not answering a request from elected officials can cause (congressional hearings or committee hearings) about their actions.....they do not want that. As much as it may seem they are not vulnerable......they are.


I hope this helps.





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