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Man is my FSB canted Dude!

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All I have left to do on my conversion is install the rear Magpul stock when it gets here, and the flat bullet guide as I ordered both the incorrect bullet guide and the wrong rear stock/pistolgrip.


Do I need to worry about the canted sight....going to run an EOTech.

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Hey if it doesn't bother you it doesn't brother me.:rolleyes: you could leave it if you are not running irons but if you would like ti fix it do a little searching there is a thread on here already on how to do it. Sorry I don't have the link for it BUT if someone else on here has it could they post it for alex e. Thanks


EDIT: By the way I have seen several post about this gun what no pics?In the words of another well known poster"NO pics then in never really happened":haha:

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Personally, I would fix the canted sight block. I would not want a Saiga with canted sights, even if it has a high-quality optic like an EOtech. I still would like iron sights properly sighted in for back up.


I am assuming your rifle is a newer import, so your best bet to fix the front sight would be to simply replace it, as the factory ones are dimpled on anyway. This also lets you upgrade to a 24mm sight block which allows for use of the superior 24mm muzzle brakes anyway. I have a tutorial on FSB swaps stickied in the 5.45 section.

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Trying to deal with a Tapco grip nut that's about 2mm too long so the pistol grip won't seat properly......




That is a typical problem.


You can just grind down the nut a bit till it is short enough to fit tight. Just be carefull with the threads.


Edit for my memory. I cant remember if it was the nut or the screw. Forgive me its early, havnt had my caffiene yet. Im sure some one else can veryify.

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I don't brag, but I am familiar with a grinder. I've been building a 1976 Landcruiser since 2006 (V8, the works, ground up) and you get good with a grinder and die cutter fast. Also I've been making and working in my father in law's knife shop for years (his hobby) and have racked up the hours on the machines and steel in it.


When I cut the FSB, I was like, damn. That's a good cut.


I will say THANK YOU, though.


Finished sans bullet guide en route from Dinzag:






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