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K-var has FS/GB combos

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I saw that yesterday and wondered if it would just be a relatively simple matter of swapping out the gas black or if you'd need a different carrier piston or puck or whatever. Would be a cool setup. I wonder if it'd work with my Krebs rear peep. Hmmmmmm...... :rolleyes:

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I would assume that if it would work, or if one could make it work with the factory gas tube, that it would function like a normal AK47 without the puck and only work with one type of ammo unless recoil springs were changed. The internals would probably get dirty as hell without the puck stopping all that debris from entering the receiver though. I don't know...unsure.gif

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They will probably have the rest of the parts in a month, when these GBs are sold out lol. I have been fighting the urge to purchase one...


I ordered one about 5 minutes ago, but Im thinking about canceling the order, due to the fact like others here have said, you cant complete the converion without the rest of the parts. Im guessing that you're going to have to replace the front trunnion, because there is no way to remove the gas tube without pounding pins out, and as far as I know a standard AK Gas Tube wont work on the shotguns because they are too small...


The idea of simplifying the S-12 by not having to adjust the gas regulator and eliminating the need for the Puck is an awesome concept for us here in the states, but something tells me that doing the "Tactical Conversion" as K-VAR calls it is going to be VERY expensive!

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IMHO a shotgun needs the front sight at the end of the barrel for point and shoot accuracy. Not saying sights back on the gas block won't work ,but at the very end of the barrel they work better .

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The EXP 01-30 has a different gas piston.


And puck and tube and.....


judging by the look of it, it looks like this eliminates the need for a puck, because there is no place for it to go but im not 100% sure



Nope...it needs a puck. Ask me how I know. :smoke:

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thanks for the info.. guess this is pretty useless for most of us unless the other parts are available.




Gas tube, trunion, piston, puck.. fun

also barrel as the 12-030 front trunion uses a different diameter barrel as well

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