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Bullet guide is IN. Ugly, but in........

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Today the BG from Dinzag finally arrived and I installed it, with some frustrations, but got it done with hand tools. I think your main enemy is rushing to finish and gorilla-ing it, and keeping everything level. My workbench isn't level to start with, then I tried leveling the receiver in the vise, which basically got me there. I don't have a center-punch so of course my bit wandered towards the barrel a bit, but I reamed the BG with the drill to allow for the wander (it's a key hole shape now). I tapped the hole slowly, and even got a squirt of cutting fluid in the eye (i can still see thank god) but it was slow work. When I test fitted the cap screw I could see I was a few degrees off 90. In the end it all seated super tightly, mag lockup is really solid, and I'll see how the it goes with the cycling at the range during break-in.


Next time I am using a drill press, but dont be afraid to go at it by hand. There are probably very few in the Frontier Provinces anyway..........pics coming in a bit.

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After lunch I finally got fed up (my bud called me about his new 6.8spc he's building and how the AK will be useless on hogs). Indexed the FSB as best I could, and tapped it on while simply holding the rifle in my left hand with a dead blow hammer. It's on there tight as hell. Laser boresight shows my irons are high at close range (and must be way high at range) and a hair left. I guess I gotta screw down that front sight pin. Any DIYs for that? I'm not dependent on irons but want to get this gun out and shoot it.

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