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They have some real nasty footage of the Tsunami waves throwing around boats, cars and trucks like they are cotton balls. The aftershocks have been high in number and intensity...........Terrible thing for the third largest economy in the World.

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The wave and some of the damage it caused here on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii.


This was about 3 hours after the first waves started coming in, and this caused the most damage. This is the main street of Kailua-Kona, where all the tourist shops are. The sea wall that is show in part of this vid is normally about 7' higher then the water at high tide,,,,,,it was coming over the top of the sea wall. Pretty much everything up and down the street has damage including the street and sidewalks where completely buckled .



This is farther south in Napo'opo'o,,,,,a whole house was washed out to sea and was floating in the bay,,,,,and a bunch of others housing destroyed.


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The only thing left for them to endure is Godzilla's return. Pretty much makes Katrina look like a spring storm and I wish them the best-hope most of it is over and there's no more major quakes.

When it comes to preparedness for potential disasters, Japan is among the best in the world. Obviously there are some things a seismically active island nation with a strong economic reliance on the sea has to risk, but as hard as they've been hit by this, if they'd been as ill-prepared as New Orleans had been for Katrina, I think things would be a lot worse.

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Japan's coast moved 8 feet, think about that now. The ground has always been solid under your feet and then it moves farther than most people can jump

Experts are saying the entire main island moved eastward up to 13 ft.

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