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Stripped my Saiga handguard cap screw....replace with?

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During installation of the Intrafuse hand guard, I got on it a bit too tight and torqued the allen head cap screw, and need to replace it. I need to get it out and replace it. I don't think the bolt is frozen or anything it was just crappy hardware and my allen driver was harder metal than the bolt.


What size and thread pitch is the handguard bolt? Pretty sure it's the handguard bolt. I sold my Saiga to my buddy so he has the gun. I can't just go look at it. I need to make the gun 100% for my buddy.


Fo removal I figure a LH drill bit?


Anyone ruined theirs and replaced it lately?

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The last bolt I screwed up on was a little smaller. I snapped the head off of an allen bolt. I just dremmeled a notch into what was left so that I could remove it with a flathead screwdriver.


As far as the replacement, I'm not sure the specs on the pg bolts exactly. I'm sure you can find one ready to go from a vendor though.

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Not sure what you're asking...


You want to know what to replace it with or how to remove it?


You can just tap it out and replace it with specific HG nuts and screws from many different vendors.


I think that answers both?




You nailed it!



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