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Saiga 5.45 Conversion step-by-step video

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OK I missed the trunnion removal.


Theres a good reason for that :) The long rivet is a bitch to get out. After cutting the head off I tried taking a lucky whack at it with the punch and hammer. That shook the table and knocked the camera off without me knowing. Have an hour or two long video of the ceiling and me cursing in the back ground :)


I did forget to address that in the video, thanks for the reminder.


I used the same process to remove the rear trunnion rivets as the stock trigger plate. Cut the heads of the rivets off, drill out the insides, then bang away. The long rivet just takes the most work.




With a good white hot flame(which really blows through those little red oxy bottles) you could see the parts of the FH directly where the flame was get red hot after 1 - 2 minutes. That barrel and that FH are pretty thick though. That would take longer than a thinner 12G barrel.

In comparison to the FSC47 I blind pinned it heated up a little quicker. That YHM FH w/ the suppressor threads is pretty big.

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So, to be clear, there is no way to remove the original gas block and sight base and then put them back on without modification? I always assumed that they were pinned and could be installed/ removed at will.


Is there any way to remove them, install a standard handguard retainer, and then put them back on without tons of work? I have no access to a drill press.


I'm considering a basic AK74 clone using a siaga as a base. A fun step by step project to get my mind off things. :D

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