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North Carolina anyone?

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anywhere from 15 up to 35, and it all depends on the chatter as far as time, I have been there til 2:30 sometimes just shooting the shit with people talking about firearms, open carry experiences, etc.... You do not have to open carry, alot of us do though, it is just good to get together and meet like minded people from different counties. check out meetup.com if you want too rsvp

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Shooting Party at Cobra's this summer!!!

Cobra is very helpful and has a very nice range. Please let him help you with your issues. You won't be disappointed.

I live in Raleigh, nice to see some people from NC on here. Anyone know where I could get my Saiga converted? Or at least someone to help with the process. I have a 7.62 and my shooting buddy has a

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Charlotte NC here. I just joined the community and bought the last Saiga at Hyatt on Saturday. I wanted a 12 but a 20 will work just fine with a couple 13-round mags. biggrin.png Any suggestions for local shops to get it converted?

@ Johnny5.56 - I have been looking for an outdoor range as well. My lady found one =in York County, SC which isn't too far. We go to Salisbury to do our outdoor shooting. I've heard Shooters Express in Belmont has an indoor range for both shotguns and rifles but I haven't called to verify.

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Been meaning to post this review for a while.  I did some one on one training at Range37 in Bunnlevel, NC at the end of July 2013.  Initially I emailed them to see if they allow .50BMG and about getting some familiarity with my new Barrett 50.  There was some miscommunication at first and after I expressed my frustrations, the owner of the range (Frankie) spoke with me firsthand to apologize, explain the (understandable) misunderstanding, and gave me several options to make things right (which ended up being a discount on the hours).  I respected and appreciated that since I had contacted other ranges in the area multiple times and they kept saying they could help but never bothered to follow through. 


Chad was assigned to help me out as my instructor and although he kept saying he was no good at communicating, I understood him fine.  Granted he will say whatever comes to mind but I work well with that level of directness.  To me he was a good mix of laying out a plan but also listening to my desired goals so they could be incorporated as well. 


It was about a 45 minute drive for me to the range from Clayton NC. I didn't have any problems finding the place or parking.  Based on my communications with Chad, I brought a variety of pistols and rifles to work with over the course of 4 hours.  He also brought his long distance rifle and scope for me to handle.  He got me checked in, covered range rules, and then went over some safety topics\inspections.  The classroom was comfortable and the range and reception area were clean and professional.  I could tell Chad garnered a lot of respect because everyone wanted to talk to him or get his opinion on something.  He also offered bits of advice to those around us when it seemed appropriate.  But he made sure that I was given the time and attention I was due. 


We worked several drills first in the classroom with what I brought and he was certain to make sure I was adept with one thing before he built on it and moved on to something else.  This was admittedly more tiring than I expected.  He was willing to respond to my feedback but straighten me out when necessary.  He gave me insight on equipment, setup, body positions, and drills.  I came in with no attitude or chip on my shoulder and I could tell he appreciated that.  I was paying him to teach me what he knew and I made sure to pay attention and apply what he said because of that. 


At the range we focused primarily on rifle shots at 100 yards (or meters - I can't recall).  He had me apply what we drilled in the classroom and started off small (.22) and worked our way up (.308, and .50BMG).  He was patient with my questions and covered the same info as many times as necessary till I got it.  He was not afraid to get down and help me line up a shot or adjust my scope.  He also taught me proper communication between spotter and shooter. 


I was very pleased with my results at the end of the day!  All in all he spent about 5 hours with me and that was after I said I was through (which didn't take long after we started shooting the 50).  I would definitely recommend Range37 and Chad, and would love to do it again. 


Let me know if you have any questions via message or I will try to monitor this post accordingly.  Thanks for reading. 

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Just wanted to give some props to Rob at Clayton Gun in Clayton NC (just SE of Raleigh).  They are a Class 3 FFL and carry a variety of guns as well as offer a variety of services.  They recently moved to their new store (literally right next door to their old one on 70).  I have had very good interactions with Rob and he seems fair on his pricing and willing to offer his opinion\expertise when appropriate.  He does talk to most everyone who comes in so don't be afraid to get his attention to ask questions or see something. 

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