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Factory 8rd S-12 Mags (Dutch Auction-50 in stock)

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109 is just the starting price


theyll definitely get to at least 150

what kind of bs is that


Not to mention the fine print:


8. Gun spares ships as soon as an exporting paperwork will be completed (usually twice per month)


11. Gun spares will be sent through my Germany partner: from Russia to Germany - via private cargo company, from Germany to recipient home address - via Federal Germany land mail (airmail is possible, but for extra payment).


12. The estimate delivery time of gun spares is about 8-10 weeks from Russia to home of recipients.


Forget THAT!!

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You mean you'd rather wait for the new importer?    :P  :D


Never said that... there are other sources for these mags at similar prices without all the fine print and hoops.




Actually, I didn't know that. I'm in the market for one. Only need one for reference purposes so I don't mind paying that much for it if it's new. Could you please post where I can get one?

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FWIW, ruseller is AndyArts from Ebay, and has been around quite a while. If you take a look at his feedback, that becomes quite obvious. He also had quite a bit of feedback on Ebay, IIRC (before they shut him down).


As far as the fine print, I'm willing to bet his situation is the same as everyone else who is shipping out of Russia, he is just up-front about it all.


My .02

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