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Our first Saiga build






Our first build (prototype), started late 2005, finished early 2006. No frills, basic light-weight gun.

12.5" bbl, custom full length gas tube w/ 6-ports. Poly-Choke (fires 100% w/out choke).

Side-scope mount removed. Importer/etc markings removed. All holes welded.

Custom ventilated heat sheild, custom adjustable gas plug, custum picatinny gas block for flashlight.

Custom paddle mag release, custom AR rear sight, HK front sight (copied from Tromix).

Custom extended mag-release axis pin doubling as safety lever stop.

Modified Tapco AK forend with Tromix retainer. ACE grip.

Custom DSA X-stock shortened and handbuilt mounting bracket. ACE folding mech. Originally used modified E German trigger parts, then switched to Tromix trigger parts.

Glass beaded, parkerized, & HK black enamel.

All internals polished. Barrel throated. Custom extended ejector.

Eats anything you feed it.


C&S Saiga firsts:

First 12.5 inch gun with full-length gas tube to run 100% on Walmart birdshot.

First ventilated heat shield made for a Saiga.

First extended mag-release axis-pin doubling as safety lever stop.

First custom DSA X-stock shortened and handbuilt w/ Saiga mounting bracket.

First multi-position (5 settings) gas adjuster made for a Saiga.

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Who is C&S Metall-Werkes?


We have been a Class-2 manufacturer, Class-3 dealer and store front dealer for 25 years.

We are most of our local law-enforcement agencies armorer.

We have been on subguns.com recommended dealers list, for over 15 years.

Everyone at our shop has from 5 years to 25 years experience designing/building/modifying weapons & parts.

We have a SIG, GLOCK, FN, certified armorer…who also works with local LEO/SWAT in weapons training/post-certifications.


Everything is done in house.

We have a CNC shop, CAD, manual mills & lathes, Miller MIG & TIG welders, stamping presses, blast cabinets, parkerizing tanks, paint-booth & ovens, and everything else that is required for designing, modifying and building weapons.


We are experts at building/maintaining/trouble-shooting/repairing:

M2-50cal “Ma Deuce” full & semi

1919 full & semi

37mm cannons





HK USC to UMP conversion

HK SL-8 to G36 conversion

HK G3, 51, 91, 93, MP5

MKE Turkish HK

M16 & AR-15






PPS-43, PPSH, Soumi

M3 Grease gun


870, SBS & AOW

Stuart Tanks

Military vehicles



We are also specialists in converting semi-Auto HK’s to SBR sear-host guns (ready for registered sear packs).


We build custom AR-15’s from the ground up and also convert AR-15’s to M16’s for local law enforcement agencies.

We also are experts in repairing (irreplaceable) M16 NFA registered receivers.


We are also extremely well versed in the detailed-functioning and modification of the Saiga series of shotguns.



Innovation and excellence.

Not only do we build/modify weapons, we also have come up with many unique designs and inventions.


>Designed and built 20+ years ago, our groundbreaking 75rd 308 caliber HK-G3 machinegun saddle-drum magazine.


>1990, the famous C&S 72rd 9mm HK MP5-submachinegun magazine.

Later offered in M16/9mm, M10, M11/9, M11/9 STEn, M11/380, UZI, S&W 76. Gracing the cover of Machinegun News (replaced by Small Arms Review magazine), was the next accolade. The lengthy testing & evaluation boiled down to one paragraph that summed up the quality of C&S's products, Quote: "This C&S MP-5 drum is one of the few accessories that matches the quality and reliability of the HK MP5 itself." -- Machinegun News, May 1993. One of our C&S MP5 drum magazines has been seen in the Heckler & Koch Museum in Oberndorf, Germany.


>15 years ago, working in conjunction with Joe Gaddini of SWR, we built the first true internally suppressed SD AR-15/M16 9mm. Ported 5” barrel encompassed by the full-length SD suppressor. The bbl vents and first blast chamber reduced standard 9mm ammo into true subsonic rounds. Was quieter than the HK-MP5 SD.


>The first M11/9 metal magazine…converted from Military Madsen magazines.


>Madsen double-stack/single-feed magazines converted to Colt M16/9mm, eliminating the tendency of the original double-feed Colt mags to eject all of the rounds when the magazine was bumped/dropped.


>C&S's Ivan's Hammer 12ga short-bbl-shotgun. Staring life as a Russian Baikal sporting pump gun, C&S transformed it into a formidable entry gun. Sporting a 9" bbl, detachable 5rd magazine, HKMP5K forward pineapple grip, and CAR-15 collapsible butt-stock.


>Krinker-Plinker. C&S’s Ruger 10/22 conversion; turning your 10/22 into a Krinkov look-alike.

All stamping dies & injection molds (receiver cover, butt-stock, pistol grips, forends) built in house. All CNC components/parts done in house.


>We are currently designing a pistol caliber modern sub-machinegun, from the ground up

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I see ya got two Stuart tanks, whats your third??


A 50-gallon fresh-water tank. LOL!

Nah, all three tanks are Stuarts. Wish we had a Sherman! :super:

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love to see someone representing H&K with positivity.


Thanks Mark!

The Hk's and Saiga's are my two fav guns to work on.

Don't know which is my favorite to shoot, either my MP5 or my S-12....still haven't decided, it's a tough call :wub:

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Wow, very impressive. Eager to hear more about your Saiga build options.


"C&S's Ivan's Hammer 12ga short-bbl-shotgun." I happen to have 2 of them :) I need to go shoot 'em soon. Too bad they don't take Saiga mags.

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BAMF is the acronym that comes to my mind when I read through this thread.


Matt, I do live in Missouri, although I'm a good 3 hours from St. Louis, but the drive isn't too bad.


I've been looking for a reputable company to build and customize an AMD-65 SBR. One of these days I'll get in touch with you all about that.

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Errr how much do the tanks run?


Really cool stuff guys!



Just like everything else, the rarer the more expensive, ALOT of Eastern Europeans have taken up tank hunting in the woods and swamps, it's become a lucrative industry.


T-34 found in almost perfect condition.




This Panther tank was found at the bottome of a Polish lake, imagine the M I L L I O N S spent to restore it.



The Tiger tank is SOOOO RARE, that the Armour Museum at Bovington actually constructed their own Tiger from scratch using German blueprints.


Funny thing about this Tiger, the Brits used EARLY German plans to build her, during testing....SURE ENOUGH, their Tiger had the same break downs the Early Tigers did in 1942.


Ft. Knox as some super rare stuff to, like a Panther II hull, and the heavy of heavies, the American Super Heavy T-28.


Using DUEL HVSS suspension system this thing is a BEAST.

Wish I had the cash!! :super:

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