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***********RIFLE IS SOLD******************


Up for grabs is a Saiga .308 with a 21 inch hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel. It was imported by EAA and was manufactured in 2004.


It is converted from the "sporterized" rifle stock to standard pistol grip configuration, and has black sythetic furniture with a Choate Dragunov stock and a Tapco G2 Hammer, Trigger and Sear, so it is 922r compliant.


It comes with a Harris adjustable-legged bipod, UTG 5th gen quick release scope mount, Tasco Worldclass 3-9x40 scope, and 3 magazines - 2 factory 8-rounders and a SureFire 25 rounder.


I am the original owner of this rifle, purchased in 2005, and have put somewhere around 500 rounds through it. Although this platform of rifle is extremely robust and capable of firing steel cased rounds, I have only fired brass-cased ammunition through it, either NATO-spec 7.62 or Federal new production .308, all non-corrosive. I have always kept the barrel, chamber and moving parts cleaned and oiled after every shooting session, and it has been kept in a climate-controlled firesafe its entire life.


This rifle shoots good, solid 3-6 inch groups at 100 yards (depending on how well I'm shooting that day), but I had more fun repeatedly shooting steel plates at 200 yards with it. This is a good solid rifle, at a good price for everything that it comes with. Jump on this deal while you still can.



$599 OBO


I will only ship to an FFL. Buyer pays $40 flat rate shipping via insured UPS delivery.


I will entertain most any offer. PM me with questions.



*****************RIFLE IS SOLD******************

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Saiga 308 21.8" barrel - ~$470

UTG mount- ~$30

G2 FCG ~$30

Harris Bipod ~$55 - $80

Choate Dragunov stock ~$55

Tasco scope ~$40

Surefire 25 rd mag ~$40

Extra stock 308 mag I dunno. Probably at least $20.

Shipping for this stuff would probably be at least $20 even if you consolidated orders, not counting the rifle.

Sweat equity in conversion minus the fact that this is a used rifle - call it even.


That comes out to a total of $770, conservatively estimated using the cheapest prices from google shopping without checking if the stuff is actually in stock.


I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet. These rifles seem to shoot pretty well if you find a load the rifle likes. 500 rounds is not a lot for this gun.

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