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Rock River is fine, as good as anything else in the world of 9mm ARs. CMMG might be a little better but the thing is no one really puts any effort into the overall reliability or workmanship of RO635 clones because no one really uses them as combat weapons anymore, just range toys. In any case a solid, dedicated 9mm lower like what you got is generally better than using a drop-in magazine adapter in a standard lower.


The one thing I would recommend above all else (regardless of what manufacturer you go with) is go to Slash's Heavy Buffers (I would link if it weren't against the rules here, just use Google) and pick up the 8.5 ounce 9mm-Q buffer for it ($75). It's a big improvement on the longevity of the weapon. 9mm ARs in general tend to cycle WAY too hard with the standard buffer (and I do mean the standard 5.6oz 9mm buffer, not the 3oz carbine buffer) and they generally compensate for that by putting a much longer ramp on the bottom of the bolt to recock the hammer more gradually and not slam it down as hard. Also, the standard length buffer lets the 9mm bolt go way too far back, and the momentum it develops when returning forward can snap the bolt catch off when it locks open on the last round. (This of course not an issue with most modified Uzi mags.) The 9mm-Q buffer is both longer and heavier to compensate for these problems.


I should point out that technically it doesn't take Uzi magazines, it takes Colt RO635 magazines, and RRA happens to include an Uzi mag that has been modified to work in the Colt design. They aren't cheap but it may behoove you to buy some actual Colt-style mags for it. I know Spike's Tactical carries them.



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