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chaos quad rail tech info

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That's why I had the Admin leave it up, even though the title could be damaging to our image if people just read on move on quickly without reading further into the thread! But I felt there was good info in this thread that out weighted quick and poor judgment because of it's title.

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Use some small washers on the rail and dont over crank the thing down, it needs to be tight but not too tight. This should fix it. When you are on the verg of cycling already any additional drag or re

Factory parts = good  

Try it with the factory puck. See if anything changes.

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Cameron you really should try to get the title edited to read as something more along the lines of "Chaos Quad Rail Information ...or Tech Help"...

I've talked with the OP several times and he's a good guy I am sure he would not mind at all. Because you are correct, the title itself is very negative looking and many people on here are too damn lazy to read. They will just say Hmmmm and scroll right past... each time getting another little mental note that your rails cause problems.... when in fact they certainly do not in and of themselves.


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Ive had FTE's for some time after the rail apparently ive been going about it all the wrong way. 


First sent parts to pauly... nuff said. 

Finally go those back. 


Polished and re profiled the outfit myself. 

opend ports up to .093

Auto plug 

JTE Recoil Spring

CSS Puck 

Didnt know the alignment needed to be checked. I have a machinest that can make any changes that I need to the shotgun.


Thanks for the post.  May call you tomorrow Cameron.

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