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Whats the verdict on the TAC-47 auto plug

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That is at least as much a problem for the 12 Ga, and the max obtainable pressures in 20 are much lower.

Yea, I was refereeing to the "doesn't work with 3" 12ga. Not sure about 20gauge. I'm going to try an auto plug with a 410... Doubt it will work at all. But I don't know that it's been done, so why the fuck not?

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No reason it shouldn't work- at least if you allow for the possibility of switching to a harder or softer poppet spring. Good luck.

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That would be my guess. I'd also guess that they only tested it in one or two, so they are reluctant to broadly claim that it will work.

.you sure r smart 005.gif

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I like the autoplug personally, but as far as i know it is not recommended to shoot slugs with it.

On my 19" s12 I found that i dont really have a need for it. After TAC47 converted it for me, i am able to set it to setting 1 on the stock plug and shoot anything out of it including bird shot and slugs. Therefore, I now dont even use the auto plug.


Dont know where you got the info not to shoot the slugs. The autoplug was made for a full range of 2 3/4 ammo.  Also if your gun is cycling on the setting 1 everything you shoot it still would benefit with the autoplug. The autoplug can adjust in much smaller increments than the standard plug, allowing less gas in your weapon.

I had no luck with this auto plug am I doing something wrong? Did I get a defective one?



The autoplug is one of the simplest machines and has very little to be defective. As of this date we have yet to have a defective plug. Please if you would be more descriptive we could help Iron out what problem with the platform you are having.

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I love mines, but I kinda have mines turned in a lot imo(about 10 full turns in from stock setting), but it makes me shoot everything with where it is set atbig_smile.gif

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No you don't have to change anything other than every so often tuning it back in. I've had mine for what...a year and a half now and gave it a tiny adjustment twice now, well over 1500 rounds during this time.





Z and I helped develop the Autoplug with Keith a few years ago, and as unbiased as I can be, the thing just works. What we realized as we were working and testing the Autoplug was that it could get some guns to cycle that were on the edge of reliability. My own personnel 10" SBS was a little finicky with 7.5 shot low brass on either of the stock plug settings as the gun was just a little under gassed. With the autoplug installed we just keep cranking down on the adjustment screw until the gun cycled reliably, eventually we took the gas block off and opened the gas ports a little more but the autoplug was a great diagnostic tool. I am not saying that it will get a gun that won't cycle with the stock plug to miraculously run so don't even go there, I am saying that in addition to what it was designed for, namely the ability to run both high and low brass together it will help finicky guns over the edge to reliability. I have shoot 3" with the autoplug and it beat the shit out of me, but I have shot 3" with the stock plug and it beat the shit out of me just as bad. If you look at the design of the autoplug the size of gas ports mimic those of the stock plug maybe a tad bigger but close, those stock ports are no more able to deal with the gas coming from a 3" load as those of the autoplug. Setup is everything on the autoplug, you need to get the gun to just cycle your lowest ammo which means the ports are just barely opening to vent the gas, at this setting when you shot your high brass or slugs the ports will be fully open quickly thus venting gas at a quicker rate. Again no miracles here but a quality product that does what it was designed to do and has stood the test of time.

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