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Using Mags/Drums interchangeably between guns

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Like many here, I have a few S-12's. I've converted #1, am about to convert #2, and will leave #3 in stock condition in it's box.


Any magazine that I try to fit in #1 requires quite a bit of sanding. My MD-20's required both the A and B fitting. Gun #2 is a bit worse than #1 (the fitted mags that work in 1 would need even more material to be removed from the A & B areas to fully snap into gun #2).


My question is, If I buy two extended magazine releases and install them into gun 1 and 2, would that standardize my magazine fittings? My goal is to be able to take any of my mags or drums, and use them in either gun interchangeably. As it stands now, any mag fitted for Gun 2 would wobble in Gun 1, and Gun 1 mags wouldn't snap into gun 2.


Considering the number of multiple Saiga households here, I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed already (unless my search skills just suck).

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That is a good question i have the same problem between my guns. #1 w/ a MD20 needed fitting 1 and 2 to fit and in gun #2 they fit with no mods and the modified drum for #1 seems a little loose when in gun #2. So I will be here waiting for a answer with you.

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I would say that if you installed the extended mag releases in the weapons and then fitted THEM (the mag releases) to the drum then you'll probably get them as close as possible, the drum probably won't fit perfectly in both but it would be so close that you'd still have correct function.

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Fit all of the mags/drums to the loosest Saiga 12. Then, fit the mag catch of the tight Saiga 12 to the drum/mag that fits the tightest in the loose Saiga 12.


This is how I did it and it is the least time consuming way that I could come up with, at the time.

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