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Bolt/Carrier/Trigger-pack reprofiling & polishing

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C&S did an outstanding job polish and changing the angles on the carrier group. The kind of customer service that they give is what every business should strive for. It's that kind of service that gets repeat customers. I would recommend them to anyone!!!! I was finally able to take mine to the range today. I know this forum doesn't recommend winchester low base rounds for the Saigas but that is all I had. Anyway, my saiga ate them all as fast as I could pull the trigger. This might be my new favorite gun. Thanks Matt and C&S. You WILL get more work from me that's for certain.

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my carrier group turned out awesome :D i got a hd op rod installed as well as a galil charger, both of which turned out perfect. Matt also media blasted my carrier and the finish was exactly what i was going for. rather than pinning and welding the op rod he used a roll pin, the welding can cause it to lose temper and become weaker. the roll pin method definitely seems superior imo. i can't say enough good things about the way Matt handles business, i recommend C&S to everybody. can't wait to get it back together and do some shooting. i'll have some pictures up tomorrow

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I would like to add to this post also. I recieved my parts awhile back and was able to get it back together and tested. The start of me sending this out was such a headache (not because of c&s). Fed ex people were freaked out they were gun parts and would only let me overnight them @ a cost of $80.00. I immediately called matt and asked him if I was missing something about shipping gun parts. He answered I walked over to ups and the parts were shipped. Parts arrived to Matt. Guess what I forgot the to send the hammer and trigger group. So I had to ship those but, was able to overnight them due to a friend owing me a favor. I recieved the parts back in about 2 weeks due to some issues @ the shop but, I was notified a couple of times throughout the process via email, phone and pm. I was in no rush to get it back due to my work schedule. Finally got her put backl together and was able to sneak out last tuesday. Was a little freaked it wasnt cycling. Then I remembered I put a stupid recoil buffer in there. Pulled that thing out and she ran like a champ! Much smoother action. I recommend these guys and will definitely plan on using them again for work. Will get pics when I get back.



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