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A new direction for MD Arms;

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I wanted to let everyone know the status and standing of MD Arms. We are making some significant changes. The below will cover most of these changes in the area of new up coming products, the handling of our sales and manufacturing, our location...


For just over two years MD Arms has operated out of 2600 sq ft. This area quickly became tight and congested. It has reached a point that we have zero room for growth and at times it is a struggle just to have the area to efficiently perform our present operations. We are happy to announce that we are moving from our 2600 sq ft shop into a 24000 sq ft facility. This extra room is going to make current operations much smoother flowing and efficient and greatly open up room for growth.


For some of this extra room we are purchasing plastic injection machines and support equipment, a stamping press, and other equipment that will move the biggest majority of our outsourcing in house. This will allow MD Arms to have much more control over production times including many other added benefits.


With some of the newly acquired room we will be setting up a saiga conversion line. We have already acquired all the equipment needed for doing this in a high production setting. Having the room will let us set the conversion line up permanently without the time consuming need of tearing down set ups and fixturing and re-setting to do different steps and processes. This will streamline the process and make for a very consistent super high quality final product and at a great price. Conversion details will be elaborated on in time and you can keep peaking at our site for updates.



We are also thrilled to announce we will be releasing quad stack mags. First will be one for the AK-74 in 5.45x39 followed by one for the AK-47 in 7.62x39. These will be super high quality and made with super high strength material just like our other items. They will be made from a superior polymer material that greatly out performs any current military or after market plastic used in the AK mags you have now. Just like military grade magazines they will also have full steel insets from top to bottom; feedlips, front mag catch, rear mag catch, and floor plate reinforcement. The floor plate will be made from steel as well. Our production capabilities of these mags will be pretty high right out of the gate and we will be able to retail these mags in the neighborhood of $35 to $40 each. About 3 months in advance of releasing them we will start taking pre-orders with a reduced price in the area of $25 to $30 each with deposit. The pre-order will give us 4 to 6 weeks to help us judge the polymer and steel material we can order for the initial production run. The polymer we use isn't a shelf item and is made to our order with a 6 to 8 week lead-time from order to delivery to us. Also the steel needs ordered, stamped, and heat treated... A pre-order with deposit will also allow us extra capital to increase the amount of material ordered and size of the production run. This will help insure we can keep the price low as well as have some stock immediately available to ship after pre-orders have shipped. I know it will be hard but please do not email or call asking for more information on the quad stack magazines. At this time all the information we are releasing on them is stated above.


We are still going to produce our double stack Saiga-12 box magazine but we are prioritizing the ak quad stack magazines. There is only one way to do it right and we have that design protected. I know a lot of guys have been dying for the double stack 12ga mags for awhile and want to assure everyone that the only thing that will stop us from producing them is if there is a high cap magazine ban. Even if the Saiga-12 is blocked from import we will still be producing the double stacks for it.


Last I want to let everyone know that at this time we are not taking retail or dealer sales. The only distributor sales we will be taking is from a few that have been with us since the beginning. We will be contacting all of our current dealers and distributors by email to fill them in on these changes. We have also picked up Cope's Distributing as our Master Distributor and they will be handling our dealer and distributor sales. They are 30 minutes down the road from us and they have a long reach into the retail, dealer and distributor markets. Eliminating the sales from our site will let us focus on the things we really shine at which is design and manufacturing. It has been a real pleasure serving the end user direct but it has reached a point that it is actually causing a great distraction to what we do best. We have been struggling to meet demand on our products and this will allow us more time to do that and get ahead on manufacturing before we move operations to the new location. Once the move is made we need to then focus on setting up the new equipment for the production of the quad stacks. You will soon see changes on our site that reflects these changes as well as direction to where you can find and order our items. Currently all we have done at the moment is removed the quantity from all the items on our site. Everything is showing as out of stock on our site but you can find it all everywhere else you are used to seeing it and now at http://www.copesdistributing.net/index.php?manufacturers_id=74.


Thanks Everyone! Mike Davidson and staff at MD Arms


If posting comments on quad stacks please do so in our section here, http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/66669-a-new-direction-for-md-arms%3B/page__pid__643560#entry643560


Heres a teaser pic of a couple quad stacks...


quad stack.jpg

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I wanted to let everyone know the status and standing of MD Arms. We are making some significant changes. The below will cover most of these changes in the area of new up coming products, the handli

At this point I would be happy with an MD Arms single stack S12 mag that is made as well as the factory mags at a better price.

Will the doublestack 12 mags still be released in 2011 as previously stated? Quadstack AK mags sound cool, but I'm not chomping at the bit for them. Just saying....

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I definitely want to get in on the preorders on those quad stacks in both calibers if possible.


Sounds like you guys are doing it right. Congratulations on the growth!




Please, please, please put the grooves in the sides of the top of the magazine so we can use 5.45 strippers for these too. Please?

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From a business standpoint, releasing the quadstacks before the smaller market of an S12 doublestack is wise decision. The market for quadstacks will be huge, especially tied into Copes.

Heres to the S12 doublestacks being released soon. :beer:


Congrats MDArms.

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Congrats on the new facility and on being able to concentrate on design/production.

Copes is a well known/regarded retailer, I hope they treat your customers as well as you did.



:bad_egg: S12 double stack to the end of the line... S12 just got bitch slapped back.




Yeah, yeah, yeah... Common sense dictates that the 47/74 is a much larger market.

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This is truly great news! I too will order at least eight of the quad-stack mags for my AK74s, and I-don't-know-how-many double-stack shotgun mags. And while you're setting up your stamping gear, please just take a few minutes to consider how hard it would be (not very) to reverse-engineer and build an all-American-made Saiga 12-- we've already seen that the Govt wants to shut down their import, and it may be the only way to guarantee an unbroken supply of them. Just sayin', that's all-- just think about it please. Thanks, and congratulations again!

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Wow, months upon months of silence as I've been waiting for you to drop such a bomb as this. Well hell.....now I've got to invest in a saiga762 to convert so I can sample your quad stacks when you release them....while I wait for the double stacks for my 12ga......all of our money is going to be flying into your pockets man. It certainly is well earned, thanks for pushing the development of very utilitarian very sexy mags.


Dump pouches are going to have to get a lot bigger LOL.

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From a business standpoint, releasing the quadstacks before the smaller market of an S12 doublestack is wise decision. The market for quadstacks will be huge, especially tied into Copes...


Maybe, but the S-12 market ain't exactly small anymore, and everyone will want double-stack S-12 mags! There is no other product currently offered which would even come close to the functionality offered by those.


The rifle quad-stacks will be cool, but I use the front of my mag as a fvg, (or index, whatever.. I don't wrap my hand around it), and these are a lot wider and heavier than 30-rnd mags. I'll probably buy 1 cause they'll be extremely well constructed, but they'll never be my preferred mags for my rifles, as my Saiga 7.62x39 rifle isn't a full auto model meant to be used as a light machine gun. :D


However, double-stack S-12 mags would be tits. They'd likely be my mag of choice in almost all situations and I'd buy more than a few.


I'm startin to get blue balls here... :sick:

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