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10rd. Saiga-20 magazine for sale, NOW!!!

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Wow, thanks for the tips! Once again the idea of reloading has passed through my mind after reading your comments.


Maybe I can somehow make a "block" that goes down the front of the mag on the inside. I'm not sure if this would fix the problem though.

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I got a flyer from J&G with some ammo sales.


They have 3 inch birdshot for a little less than 6 bucks a box. I'm not sure I've seen a better deal. Also don't know details, but if I had your mags I'd be looking to buy a bunch at this price. And if you want to reload, keep those hulls. If not, you could probably sell them on Ebay, as they'd be rare.





Details from their website





Win Super-X 20ga, 3 inch #4, 25 round boxes

Quantity: 0 2 5 10

Price: $5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95



Firearms are shipped only to FFL holders, we need a copy of the FFL with original signature, (faxes are not valid) before shipping. All handguns ship via Fedex and cost approximately $20.00 for one gun.


Ammo deliveries can be sent direct to individuals, no FFL is needed, but an adult signature by a person 21 years old or over is required. WARNING: All firearms and ammunition buyers should receive proper instruction on how to use their purchase before using the products


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Hmm! Good find!


I am probably going to buy a bunch of that very soon. The price is very reasonable and I'll save the shells for when I do start reloading!


Honestly, I would much rather have gotten a 2-3/4" magazine from Russia. I might work on modifying it to feed 2-3/4" shells. I'm not too sure how I'd do this. I'll have to get the mag in front of me and think for a while. So far, the only idea is to fasion some kind of vertical block about 1/4" wide. :) I'm not sure if it'd mess up the spring what all I'd have to modify for the desired result. Successfully doing this to my 2 3" mags would leave me with 3 fully functional mags (total round capacity of 18) hehe


Can someone justify shooting 3" shot shells at animals / targets?


edit: I just thought of another idea. What if I used the magazine "follower" from my 2-3/4" magazine in my 3" mag. At this moment I am unsure if the spring would cause problems with the 2-3/4" follower or if there'd be worse jamming problems. This solution seems to be the easiest to just try. Since I could do it in under 5 minutes, check it, and put it back in original form if it doesnt operate fully.


Bvamp, if a tighter spring would correct the feed problem. I'd be willing to try to attach part of another spring from another mag for testing.

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edit: anyone else use this guy? his english is pretty bad, though, he seems reliable enough.. im considering asking him if he'll now send 2 for the same price

Do you know if he also has any .410 mags? (Aww, ya guessed -- I have a .410 Saiga...) How can I get in touch with him?



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