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saiga .308 internal recevier block

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Hey guys I was planning to do a conversion to my saiga .308 this weekend so I ordered the parts and I had ordered an internal stock adapter from CSS specific to saiga rifles that uses the rivet holes in the lower rear of the receiver. well I was looking at my rifle and I realized that it does not have those two rivets. now I have to send the block back. also while looking at this I noticed the plate that needs to be removed runs under the mag catch, which is not something I've noticed watching conversions on youtube. not a huge deal because I can carefully trim it behind the catch. is this how all .308 saigas are? are there any instructions specific to the .308 so I don't waste more time and money? will the ace internal block work in my rifle? I was really looking forward to getting this done but it looks like I'll have to put it off for a couple weeks while I get this all sorted out.

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you should still be able to use the block, the first ones didnt have the 4 screws on the sides it only used the single tang screw so it will still work. Is the gun already converted or are you doing it?

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I have not started the conversion yet. I'm not sure I trust the single tang screw to hold it. the ace block uses a tang screw and uses the pistol grip nut to hold the block in so that would be a better way to go IMHO. I would like to be able to take this rifle to a class or two and really beat on it without any trouble. CSS will give me full credit on an exchange so I was going to send it back and get the folding mechanism that I didn't order the first time.


upon closer inspection with a flashlight I was wrong about the receiver plate going under the mag catch. that's a relief.


when I get this all straight and I actually do my conversion I'll be taking lots of pics and video and try to put together as detailed a walk-through as I'm able that is specific to the .308

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