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Krebs custom safety TOO loose

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Hello everybody,


So from a couple years of being of lurker here goes my first post. Woot! I'm finally doing my first conversion on a 7.62. Everything was going great until I go putting in my krebs custom safety. It is horribly loose =( So before I go taking a rubber mallet to make it fit closer to the rifle, has anyone had this issue with the safety above? any thing I might be doing wrong? Please help!!!


(for clarification It is going all the way through the holes by the side rail it is simply loose between the "S" and "F" to the point where simply shaking it, allows it to move freely. it almost feels like it could fall out. On the factory safety seems to fit much more snugly to the side of the receiver.) Thank you all for your time and all the knowledge on everything else!!!

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Not sure of the issue but interested in a Krebs safety. It might fit better in a S12. If you want to get rid of it - I'll take it, providing the rubber mallet didn't do too much damage.

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Mine was also too lose on my 7.62. So loose it was unsafe. It fits my s12 great. The other option is to have Dinzag modify yours. That's what I'll be doing.

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As Russian Hammer said, simply bending it towards the receiver slightly should take care of the issue. It is just the opposite of what you would do if the safety lever was too tight. If something is way out of spec though, you may just have to use a different safety lever. There really isn't anything wrong with the factory levers. Dinzag will modify the factory lever if you really want the notch to hold the bolt open or you would like to have the closer finger ledge.

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