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My Saiga Boomstick So Far...

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Looks great I love the FAL handguard...


I've always thought the Izzy HB FAL handguard was awesome. Even considered getting an FAL just to have an excuse to mount the handguard. :rolleyes: Now I don't have that particular excuse, so I'll have to come up with another.


Y'all also note that this gun has a folding stock while retaining it's tang without resorting to any boxy receiver extensions, thanks to Polish mil surplus. I don't know why we don't make this type of folding mechanism in the US. There really isn't anything to it.


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Nice. Yeah I have a Tantal myself so I can testify to that, there really isn't much at all to the Polish side folding design, real simple. I think the Israeli FAL foregrip was the base idea behind the Galil foregrip. I got to handle a Galil and now I want one of those too. :)

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looking good. have you decided on a muzzle device?


Yeah, but I can't find one anywhere.


I need a E-TAC Slant Brake. I missed the last one MAA had in stock by a couple days. Nobody on the WTB board has answered my prayers. I don't see ETAC hurrying to make more. I'm too stubborn to settle for anything less than what I want. I guess I'll just leave it until the problem answers itself :ded:

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