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8 round mags?????

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I am still trying to do what I can for the cause. I am in the process of trying to buy an S-12. They are scarce is my area, and it's making it hard.


I have bent out a semi-working prototype, but I can't get my hands on a gun long enough to do the proper amount of testing.


Like I said in a previous post, there are dark forces at work.


I honestly feel the feds have been up to somthing, and have scared importers into thinking they could lose money if they move forward.


Why the $%^& are AR-15 mags still the same price as they were before the AWB?

Why are things still being held in dock, and why are imprters so afraid to dedicate to shipping?


Somthing is amiss, bigtime. I smell federal pork.


Whats the latest? Is all hope lost? Is someone not pumping out Knoxx Non linear feeders at a fantastic rate ? What happened to the American Horse?


Give em' hell boys.

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junkyardblacksmith where are you located? Im sure any number of guys would help you with testing, but if your anywhere close, or even if not, i'd be more than willing to test out your mag and run it through the paces in my S-12. Course... I won't be home till early august. But if you want i'll have 2-3 days that I can shoot and then send you the mag back and a report. After that i'll have many weekends to test it out etc. Let me know, totaly up to you. If I could find a 18" saiga12 to buy for my conversion i'd sell you my S12 in a heart beat. -myers

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