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Ruger p95 or taurus 24/7 oss

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I cannot make up my mind on these two I definitely know I want a 9mm and these two for the price have caught my intrest. The mags are cheaper for the ruger but I have heard people who have had problems with them. The 24/7 is packed full of features but it seems like taurus owners have a love hate relationship with their guns.



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I had a Ruger P95 for several years and never had a single problem with it.


It's a little large for CCW, but for a entry level full size 9mm I think its hard to beat.


If you go that route, I would definitely suggest a Houge grip sleeve, it greatly improves the grip.


Hope that helps.


I have no personal experience with Taurus products but from what I've heard,if there is a problem their customer service isn't the best to work with.

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thats what I have heard too about taurus but I think with the features on that model I might as well spend the extra 100 and get a XDm 9mm. I am not getting it for concealed carry, in fact I will probably open carry it every now and again since I live in nc. the only problem I have heard of with the ruger is the factory magazines can have some FTF problems but other than that it is a solid gun. I had a chance to hold one the other day and while it is a little heavier then I expected it feels very solid in my hand.

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Should extend your search to the M&P 9mm!!!




I have 2. A full size 9 and a 45. Love them both. Next one is going to be the 9c. I wish they'd add a10mm to their line up.

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Nice pistol just a little far out of my price range to keep my old lady happy. She knows about each of my gun purchases so I try to get her ok before I buy something. I am trying to keep it around 350 including transfer fee. The only reason I looked at the taurus is because alot of people compare them to the springfield xdm.



If I was going to spend that money I would get a springfield xd or maybe a little more and get a glock. I am just looking for a solid entry level 9mm that is a good price and reliable, the ruger seems to be it.

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