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Amd65 pistol?

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I am looking at getting my first AK pistol, and had a idea I wanted to ask about.

Looking at a AMD-65 7.62x39 AK47.

The rifle has a 12.5" barrel with a muzzle brake attached permenently, making it 16", The total length without the stock is 24".

So what I would like to know is if I could legally make this a pistol.

& if that works.

Could I have some kind of quick connect piece on the back of the reciever that would attach and make it a rifle. Non folding stock. It's to short (24" ) to be a rifle without the stock, but if I have a warsaw stock that could quickly attach this would meet rifle requirements, being over 30" & 16" barrel.


The only question would be how would I regester it, because you can make a pistol into a rifle, but not vice versa.

Just food for thought before I buy it. I would keep a bullet button on it the whole time and would like to do a quad rail with a horizontal forward grip, not a forward pistol grip.


Someone brought up a good point. You can't make a pistol out of a rifle, so does anyone sell them as a pistol?

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I am pretty sure that you'd have to file the paperwork for a short-barreled rifle *because it started life as a rifle*. Same idea as the 'once a machinegun, always a machinegun" rule. Dracos and Krinkovs started life as pistols. I'd look into a mini-Draco, personally.

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I've seen a few AMD-65 pistols, all were built from parts kits on virgin receivers. Also saw one done as an AOW in order to retain the forward pistol grip.

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