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NICS Denial - Found the reason why

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I have had a time trying to get my fingerprints rolled at the local police station. They keep

saying that they are too busy to do it.


So tonight I get stopped for not using a turn signal to change lanes. They come back with a

warrant out of Florida for a traffic citation. Now I was arrested for it, Bailed out, and went to

Court for it.


I complied with the terms of the sentence by getting a Florida Drivers License and paying

court costs. The three charges were closed. A search of the court records tonight show this.


How did a warrant get reissued sometime in the past year for something taken care of back in 1994!!!?



Monday I have to call the clerk of the court to try and clear things up. The dealer has my Saiga

waiting for me. I will stop by and talk to him tomorrow too.




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In Ft. Lauderdale area where I used to live, I was going through some papers while cleaning up. Found a letter that was 6 months old. It was a notice revoking my drivers license. Long story, but I had paid a fine for a ticket, 90.00. They said I had not paid. Had to take off work to go down there and wait for 3 hours in line. They looked it up and said it was a mistake, you did pay. I drive a lot in my work, probably 6-7 hours a day. If I had been stopped I would have been arrested. Keep your paperwork if you pay a fine.

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I've recently had two friends of mine arrested and jailed for warrants issued on already paid traffic tickets. This was several months after the tickets were paid on time and all court costs taken care of. After spending a day in jail then going before a judge to be told "sorry about that,our mistake, now be on your way". Although the city does give them $20 for their troubles.


Yeah, $20 for a day spent in jail after being arrested for something that was taken care of when it was suppose to but somehow the "system" flagged it as unpaid.


Also our counties publish a "Hard Times" publication that shows mugshots of the last two weeks arrests and charges. So my friends images are in the newest one out this week with bench warrant arrest under their names.


Of course they aren't pursuing legal action because it isn't worth it. They already received $20 to keep their mouths shut.

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An idea that might be helpful to some of you if you're not sure what might show up with an NCIS check or other background check is to have it done yourself. Most any private detective or security outfit will do it for you for a pretty nominal fee. It only cost me a hundred bucks in very expensive Juneau, AK when I had it done. I've done some farily controversial things in my day and I always figured if anybody had anything to hang over my head, it would have come out long ago, so I never paid this stuff much attention. When I applied for my Master's license and for my Transportation Worker's Identification Credential, I had to be fingerprinted and submit to a full-tilt federal background investigation. So, since I didn't know for sure what they'd find, I had a private investigator run a BI on me through all the National criminal record and court record databases that he had access to. That way, there weren't any unpleasant surprises.


And I know lots of you hate this stuff, but there is no way to get away from it, at least no way that doesn't have you looking over your shoulder all the time. And I must say my TWIC and Merchant Mariner's Credential are the hot ticket for getting through airport security plus you can use an MMC just like a Passport for foreign travel. Frankly, in lots of places and jobs, the most valuable skill you can have is the ability to pass a BI and pee in a bottle; companies are screaming for people who can do those two things and have anything resembling work ethic; they'll teach you the necessary skills if you can do those things.

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I've been fighting with NICS for over 10 years! It was for an arrest that was thrown out at the prelim and I even won $$$ on a wrongful arrest lawsuit. They refuse to erase it even though they can find no records of it and I've sent letters from everyone involved! Fortunately it just gets me a delay.


Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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Well the Clerk of the Court wasn't much help. She just told me to write a letter to the judge down there

state the facts and request that the Warrant be removed. I included a printout of the court records. Part of

the request was for an immediate removal from the NICS system and a letter stating that the warrant was



Now to see if the sniveling servants down there can do the right thing. I might actually be able to

get my Saiga that I paid for before Christmas



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So you got denied for class c misdeamenor warrants? Those don't even show up on a criminal history as reportable arrest in Texas at least. They are local only as far as I know. I suspect maybe someone else with the same name might have something outstanding? Good luck in your plight............

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I have a theory on why this has happened after 17 years.



The Feds, States, Counties, Cities and Towns are all in a budget crisis. So if these old warrants

get reactivated, then if the wanted person was pulled over driving, they would be arrested and

their car impounded. The tow fee and storage fees would still have to be paid to get your vehicle

back. It would cost more to fight to get your money returned so the Government gets a influx of

cash to balance their books. It is actually a property seizure that you have to pay to get your

property back.




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