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All of those I have ever seen are Chinese made. I have one and it will fit a Saiga. It might be slightly loose so you will have to make sure to reuse the spring from your existing gas tube on the rear of it.


For your 922r however, the gas tube does not matter one bit. It is not counted as a part for 922r purposes. This setup will, however, cause your handguards to be considered foreign made. As a Chinese upper handguard + a US lower handguard does not count as a US handguard.

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I see. Thanks men well I live in cali and so far I have more that 4 922r, tapco trigger group and pistol grip and the raddlock maglock count as 5 so ill be ok with this gas tube then.



Go over this again: http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildSaigaVerifyCompliance !


The tapco trigger counts as 3 (922r parts). Adding a pistol grip does not take away one foriegn part. Maglock does not count either. Remember, you have to remove foriegn parts,and replace them with US made parts. You can't just add US parts to be compliant.

The Saiga rifle was not imported with a pistol grip nor a Maglock.


Hope this helps.

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Ya I have a romy wire folder stock so not us made so I need a new piston tha will make it 4 us part then. 3 trigger group and the piston, I have a tapco pistol grip but that don't count I guess.



What about your forgrip, what do you have? That also counts if it is US made!

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