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Some pics of my Vepr and PSL.Iron wood upper and lower handguard .I will change the trigger on RSA and RPK flash hider on the way,I like the stock,but maybe will change it after meeting with Mat from Iron Wood. Overall its a beautiful rifle, cant wait to go to the range and shoot some Russian 180g :killer::super:











scope POSP 3-9X42 love it :rolleyes:

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While your PSL is very nice, your new VEPR is freaking badass!! I like it alot. Scope is awesome as well.

Thanks ,man. I can swear this POSP is clear as my Leupold 3-9X42.Trying to find out if I can shoot HB with Vepr,no info on the net,so will try to connect Molot about this,for now I'll stay with LB

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nice rifles man, congrats. i also have the same exact style as your psl, and a super vepr on its way. as for shooting HB maybe you could but double check your manual first. another forum/member also purchased the 54r and posted pics of the recoil spring for the bolt/carrier seems to be 2 springs seperated by a small washer, and both springs seem to be different in size, maybe just maybe this is so you could shoot HB.

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Just received email from MOLOT



short translation is ,that Vepr can handle all range of bullets suitable for 7.62X54R,the proper gas presser was tested at their laboratory and its clear with government standards, so its GTG gentlemen


Vice president and chief engineer S.V. Urzumtsev



Heavy Ball ammo is a go with Vepr :)

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