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HK rear sight/AK front sight????

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Ok, here is what I would like to know. Last step in my S12 build is going to be a Chaos Titan. I like the HK style sights, but would like something a little different. I want to use either a Chaos HK rear or a bolt on real deal rear and one of the bolt on AK style front sights.


Does any one have any idea which of the front sights might be of the proper height to properly align with either of the HK type rear sights? Hate to try to get it right with trial and error (expensive)just to find out there are no good match ups (expensive with negative results :ded: )


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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I've been wanting an HK rear drum sight on my .223 really bad recently, been thinking of two ways to do it- fab up a base plate and weld it to the rear cover, or use a rail mounted rear drum and one of the rails that mounts to the factory rear sight and goes back over the take-down button but I really dont want to have the rail on there, I want the clean look so I'm really leaning towards the first idea.


As for front sights- IDK yet, still working on that but I'm thinking a FSB/gas block combo would work well and not need an additional attachment point to bugger up the look I'm trying so hard to achieve, height wouldnt be a concern for me as I could just cut a section out and weld it back together. (I'm pretty good at welding and metal fab)


Of course if someone already makes and sells rear covers with some sort of CLEAN looking HK drum sight setup I would be just as happy buying it as I would making my own.

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I don't think any of the AK front sights are going to be tall enough, as most are designed to work with a sight in the original rear dovetail.

The HK sight plane sits probably 1/2" to 5/8" off the dust cover, while the original sight plane is about 1/4" to 3/8" off the dust cover.

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Hi, anyone tried and can share his experience with it, I am looking forward to get HK rear sights on my Saiga MK .223 and I am wondering whether I have to order HK front sight as welll to get it work or AK front sight will be sufficient. I rather prefer keeping the original front sight than to put HK front sight on gasblock due to simplicity and increased line of sight.

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