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I am in the process of selling a few things that I no longer want and I plan to use the money I get to support my growing firearm addiction. I will have $2000-$2500 to play with. I want your opinions on what guns you would buy if you had this to spend. I already have a Saiga 12 (IZ-107 24" barrel) in my collection. I am considering a Arsenal SGL21-61, another Saiga 12 w/ 19" barrel (or 2), a Draco, a Russian Vepr 7.62x54R, maybe a Saiga IZ-132 just to play with. I would like to focus on just getting the guns right now, I will worry about converting/upgrading later with other money. I already have a black gun, multiple handguns, a couple of Mosin Nagant's. I have been bitten by the Russian bug so I want to stick with Russian guns, so... opinions, comments, suggestions?


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Well in the $2500 range you could get..

1 SBR AK if your state/city/county allows it.

1.Dragunov/tiger/svd But you gotta look around fo those in that price range. Ive seen a few at gun shows


If you want something slightly different there is a guy on TheAkForum selling 2 Russian PLO AKs. Fixed stock and folder. You can buy one and still have some money left over.


Or you can buy up a whole bunch of saigas and ammo. I'd definitely get a 5.45 though!

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ATM 5.45 is the cheapest rifle caliber. Less recoil, flatter shooting then the x39 and it will still drop 2 legged creatures and some 4 legged as well.


There is a guy an another forum that uses it for hunting deer. He even posts pictures of the bullet path inside the body and organs. It sure does a number on soft tissue.


Besides you said you were bitten by the Russian bug! :D

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I second Arik's motion for an SBR AK.


I would grab a Draco and an SGL (either 7.62x39 or 5.45) and maybe something like a PPS 43C that shoots 7.62x25. You will still have plenty of money left over for tax stamps!


I personally am a 7.62x39 guy due to its excellent barrier penetration attributes over smaller calibers and I am heavily invested in it, but the 5.45 is a great round that is super fun and easy to shoot - no muzzle rise for fast double or triple taps.


If you plan to SBR the Draco, you only lose about 110-180 FPS of velocity in 7.62x39 which retains more than enough knockdown power for hunting or defense.

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SGL31 I have had mine for 2 months and have put 1k through it I love it. My buddy got a canted sgl21 at the same time and right now he likes shooting my arsenal more than his. It will shoot under two inches consistently at 100 yards with crap surplus 14 cents a round is awesome.

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no matter which guns you get, make sure you save some for ammunition for all your new toys. its like forgetting batteries for the birthday toy someone gets got for their nephew... :lolol: :lolol:

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