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Vacation in the Northwest

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I am a north easterner, but I lived in Idaho from 1983-1985. I've been to Seattle and Portland. The majesty of the great pacific northwest is calling me.


My question is this:


How cool is Ocean Shores Washington? The Olympia peninsula looks bad ass to me, and I want to vacation there. Someone share some experience, please.



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Not sure what you would like to hear, regarding personal experiences.


I live in "Olympia" proper, and have been through the Ocean Shores area once or twice. . . but I don't recall it being anything major to write home about. If you visit there and the weather is less than really nice. . . well then, it actually kind of royally sucks, being located right-off the Pacific ocean and all. Just my opinion.

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The beaches in Washington are great on sunny warm summer days and gloomy any other time. The beaches of Oregon are better and more scenic. The Olympic peninsula inland is fantastic but it's all about outdoor sports and recreation so that has to be your goal. Fishing, river rafting, hiking, camping, etc. etc. For me it is a more laid back and less traveled area to retreat than the Cascades to the east. A cabin at a resort on a lake with the dog and nothing to do but read, fish, sit in the hot tub, take long walks, and BS with the locals at the cafe is a great way to get away and just relax for a few days.

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Ocean Shores isn't very exciting, unless you like flat and boring beaches (e.g. no dunes or rocks or tidepools). IMHO, if you want a good beach experience, try Canon Beach in Oregon (or pretty much anywhere on the Oregon coast). Not to mention, in order to get to Ocean Shores, you need to go through Aberdeen which is depressing as hell (there's a reason Kurt Cobain hated it there and left for greener pastures).

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On 11/28/2019 at 2:21 AM, MilyRose said:

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Begone, SPAMMER.

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