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How do I tell light loads from heavy loads?

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for bucks shot and target loads, typically the height of the brass is a give away. target loads will have shallow brass case called "low brass", 00 a tall brass case "high brass". I say typically, because they are now making target loads with "high brass" also the type of shot will also be printed on the plastic case, ie. 00 buck

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"The reason for HIGH-BRASS goes back to paper hulls. Paper hulls often produced pinhole burn-through(s) parallel to hull powder containment section. When the powder amount was higher than the brass section a burn through could occur. Magnum (additional powder height) paper shot shells were made with a higher brass head to protect against burn through. In those days of past it was not a gimmick but a necessity. I suspect ammo companies continue to use high brass because marketing surveys have told them customers associate high brass with power". I reload all my ammo and use all low brass for slugs, buck shot and bird shot.

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