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recently made purchase on new saiga .223 n wanting to put on ak74 style muzzle brake http://store.carolin...KE-SAIGA/Detail


by installing this i know that it'll trigger 922r...but my question is do i have to add bullet button as well??...

i don't have pistol grip and not planning on it.

as for conversion parts, i have surefire magazine (-3), muzzle brake (-1), planning on gas piston (-1), no pistol grip (-1)..so that makes

10 parts from 16 total...

here's picture of my rifle



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If you add any parts such as a pistol grip or muzzle break, your total parts count increases.

Adding US parts makes the increased parts count a moot point.

Right now, if you are using a high cap mag, your rifle is not 922 compliant.

The UTG forearm is a import part, and doesn't help your count.

US made mags are 3 parts,which leaves your rifle with 11 imported parts.

Installing a US piston will bring you to compliance.

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FYI UTG makes two identical s12 forearms some are make in USA some in china. I forget how to recognize them, but if you do an ebay search. the american one is always a little more money. They have a different model number too.

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First consult the flowchart Because you are a PRK Resident:


I dont think your angled front grip is legal without a bullet button.

Next Use The 922r Calculator to determine 922r status of Saiga:



thanks for point it out.

did some searching on this forum regarding afg and seems theres list of debate whether its legal or not...

as for me...i'll just play safe and remove it...


next.. can anyone tell me whether i have to install bullet button if i install muzzle brake on my saiga rifle? this was my main question...

regarding 922r.. i have surefire magazine (10rd), and ordered gas piston



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I've seen the Kalifornia definition of a compensator or muzzle brake versus a flash suppressor. Basically, if the muzzle opening of your device is bullet-diameter (plus a little clearance), that's considered a brake or a compensator, and does NOT trigger the 'assault weapons' crap. If your muzzle device has a significantly-larger-than projectile hole at the business end, it's a flash suppressor.

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