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Rem-Choke service now available

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We are now doing Rem-Chokes on the Saiga 12's. True Rem-choke mod, not an adapter.


Remove threads and cut bbl to 18.1"

Modify bbl for Rem-Chokes, done concentrically w/ bore(!).


Stand-alone bbl (uninstalled): $150

Bbl installed: $250


Additional option:

Port for 18" (if needed).

Remove all I.D. flashing from ports.

Polish Chamber.

Polish bore.

Throat feed-ramp and polish.

Blend hood/chamber transition (small contact-patch only)

Additional $150


Rem-chokes available for purchase.


If your gun is already here in this batch being converted, please contact us ASAP(!) if you would like this mod added to your gun.


Thank you.


C&S 636-928-1511


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Sounds like a good alternative for the hunting crowd without adding length using the adapter. Any pics of a finished product?

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Can you remove the full choke from longer S-12 barrels and thread for Rem-chokes WITHOUT shortening the barrel?

Brownells used to have "Gunner's Choice" screw chokes with an external thread to mount flash hiders/breachers and muzzle bakes. This would be the best of both worlds - internal chokes and external threads!

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