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Real Spying Footage in Los Angeles from Halloween


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  1. 1. Is this guy an Undercover Cop, Private Investigator or just some guy who likes to read John Lennon before the kids come out to trick or treat and record them? ?

    • Undercover Cop
    • Private Investigator
    • Guy who likes to read about John Lennon before kids come out to trick or treat and record them

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Definitely something weird, unless he makes a habit of pulling over on the side of the road to read for a bit. Were you out in the open while you were filming, or inside your house? He looked directly at you at one point.


I have no experience with "listening devices", but if you were sure he was using one............you should have at least had some fun with the guy. Should've started saying some random stuff. "Oh man, I can't wait to gut this guy and wear his skin as a Halloween costume".laugh.png



You could have called the police and reported an unfamiliar man in a parked car acting strange, and that you were concerned because of all the kids that would soon be out trick-or-treating.

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Call 911 and get it on record. Aim a laser pointer into the lens of his camera and smoke the CCD. BTW WTF did you do? Most of the time this stuff isn't random.



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WHen you said ""OH HE HEARD ME" he replied "SHIT or BUSTED"

his head was turned for the fist syllibil or two so I can't see the 1st part.


you can tell by the way his tounge wags out on the last of the word when his face comes back into view

after setting the book down. this is @ 2:44 of the video



I'm 90% deaf and read lips incase your wondering.


I had a lawyer lady spy on me about 3 years ago when I was fighting for custody of my daughter.


I walked right up to her van and took he pic and a pic of her plate on her van.


Had a "friend" from the hospital I work @ run her plate. and sure enough,

when I went to court it was the same lawyer I took the photo of, and same name.

After the hearing I just said her addy as I walked buy her.

her look was how should I say it? priceless.


Didn't much matter how much I was watched,

my lawyer gave her lawyer two black eyes every time in court anyways.

And never once layed a hand on her LOL


You could have a million and one reasons someone is watching you.

Or maybe it wasn't you they were watching but when he heard you, you spooked him..

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