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New Tromix shorty bolt carrier extensions $25 for 12" guns. (

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We now have available our short 1.3" length bolt carrier extensions that are used when making our 12" and 14" barreled SBS Saigas. These are used when shortening the gas system 2.25 inches. Also used on 19" competition guns to allow them to cycle very low power ammo or for use with mid-barrel comps.

These have a large diameter flange at the base which keeps the bolt carrier and bolt held downward during cycling, so the bolt does not ride up and miss the ejector. Made from 17-4 Stainless. $25.


Tony Rumore



Edited to add - We have been making these since 2004 for use in our in-house guns, but this is the first time we have offered them for sale.


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I have been making them one at a time for the last 7 years as well, but now guys are ordering more and more 12" guns instead of all 8" guns. So we went to CNC turning recently. I have been making the 12" gas tubes one at a time as well, but we're going to run off a bunch of those as well.



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How is the length on these tuned? Do you adjust length by screwing them in or bottom them out and remove material from the end? I am rebuilding my 3 G rig and want to move the gas system. I can make the carrier extension, but it will cost me much more than $25 worth of time. However, I really want to bottom the extension out in the carrier, pin, and tune the length to the puck by removing material from the end of the extension. Is there any possibility of getting a long one? Any help appreciated.

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