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kind of different


Sorry should have been a little more detailed in the beginning (was working on something else), that’s an Oly 16” PCR (politically correct rifle) from 1996 I traded for. Has the old DPMS M231 stock system and chances are I’m going to put a left-handed receiver on. That’s it compared to my Bushmaster 20” that I’m planning to move along soon. Swapped out for one of my 1911s. Gun also has one of the old Colt 4X20 scopes on it.



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The stock is held by the being pushed against the receiver by the buffer tube. It was discontinued by DPMS but Midway USA may still have them in stock. It makes the gun like it had a Warsaw length stock extended I may look at adding a recoil pad just to put a little more length for my NATO sized body to shoot with.

Not wild about the scope but they may or may not have any collectors value looks like I could get maybe $150.00 or a little more for it.

Gun runs fine, trigger sucks I always hope to fall into a gun with a good trigger but never have yet.

As far as long term I may go to a Left Handed flat top receiver from Stag.


Well at this juncture what I’m going to try is fixing the rear sight on the receiver that’s on the gun. For one thing it’s cheaper and if you go buying a bunch or even a few of different major parts you have a parts gun not a “manufactured” gun, add this is not a special neat or great gun in my book. The other thing is I don’t see getting this as much more than a fairly simple short and hopefully light carbine not a match gun. Ordered the sights / parts today and a couple of the 40 round mags, I’ve got enough 20s and 30s for now. At some point I’ll address the trigger some and will see if I can get use to the wire stock if not it’s got a standard stock too. This is really just to have an AR when I get around to moving the Bushmaster along figured I could get along with just the Glock carbine thing for my wants and needs but you get use to having something and gun case would look empty without one.


this ended the LH dream:

Our left hand rifles have an ambi barrel extension installed because the left hand bolt locks in the opposite way as a right hand bolt. You would need a left hand bolt and carrier. If you use your current barrel it may not work and even if it does it will wear faster. If you have any further questions please contact us again.


Customer Service

Stag Arms

860-229-9994 x3




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