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My build plans

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Planning to buy the 12ga in a few months when I get back to work.

After reading many post from all the good folks here(great forum!!),

This is what I have planned so far....

Do the conversion myself with CSS Kit #2

CSS Recoil pad(in case I ever want to shoulder the weapon)

CSS Puck


Mod/Polish by Pauly

MD-20 Drum

Possibly a Laser later on

I plan to keep handy for HD loaded with Remington 2 3/4" Steel Shot Magnum BB 1 1/4 oz shells 1275fps

(Roughly 90 .18 Cal pellets per shot)

These shells literally make ground meat out of the sides of wild hogs here so I figure they will work just fine on thinner skinned 2 leg critters if needed.

What's your opinion for a HD shotgun setup? Anything I should change or add?

BTW,I do keep a hand gun and AR-15 handy but I'm thinking a spray of 12ga shots at night could neutralize a area pretty effectively without endangering my nearest neighbors who only live 1/2 mile away.

Most of the time it takes the Sheriff 2 hours or more to come out here so we kind of take care of business ourselves until the law arrives.

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I can't answer about home defence. Never had to defend my home yet. But, in the jungles of southeast asia a remington pump with oo buck was a great thing. When I had to lay down offensive fire to get to a wounded comrade, oo buck cut through the foilage and made the enemy stay down. That way we could get our man and retreat to safety.

#4 buck seems to be the choice for home defence around this forum. No over penetration and a good stopper of what ever needs stopping.

Good luck with your build and choice of ammo. Use the magazine that best shoots your choice of ammo.

My Saiga uses #4 buck in a 12 round Pro-mag. Very reliable and more than I will need for home defence.


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I personally like the more authentic looks for Saigas(Magwell optional)



I know there are mods out there for a rail on the gas block which would be for a light/lazer. other than that, I really dont need anything else on my gun weighing it down, IMO.

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