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Saiga-12 , I'll Pass

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In general, I do think its lame to buy a gun (or anything for that matter) knowing work is going to have to go into it.


Most of the guys I know like to trick out their stuff. AR guys do it too. And "my AR won't cycle Wolf ammo" threads are thick over at arfcom.


To me, it's like having a badass hot rod or motorcycle; you can pay a shop megabucks to build one, or you can put in the work to educate yourself, learn the skills, acquire the tools and build it yourself.


Of course, not everybody is cut out for this kind of activity, and that's why you see more Toyota Camrys then you do '50 Mercs or '32 Deuce coupes.

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I just wish these POS Saigas would start showing up used and cheap cause they don't work, I'll buy them all!

How much money were you making at the time you bought the Colt AR for $275?   I was making $3.00 an hour.......about 3 weeks salary to pay for that. The gun today at $1,300 is much more affordable

Saiga - weapons for real men, strong heart.

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I had the "AR" and traded it for the AK-47 because it was more dependable and my targets stayed down. It doesn't have the distance as the "AR", but a FAL 308 takes care of that problem. I trained with the saiga 12 in room to room clearing and could not find a more dependable weapon. My only problem was that darn bolt system. Learned the trick and I could put it back together as fast as my AK. Will admit they are pricy and the "AR"s are coming down a bit. Now that they are using the piston system I might pick up a 308 version.

Note: My wife love's her saiga 12 and wouldn't share. I had to pick-up another one. My two cents.

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