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??? - Promag forSaiga (7.62x39)

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#1 Foxtail207


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Posted 10 November 2011 - 11:17 PM

Are all Promag magazines made for Saigas w/o a BG?Or do they also make them for ones with a BG ?

On a website that sells them, they say they are for SAIGA (and no BG required), but when I zoom in on the photo, the front lip is cut down like AK mags. I want to make sure they will work w/o a BG. Maybe they used the wrong photo if they may two styles.

I did more research and found that Promag does make AK mags also, but in photos of both models they look exactly the same. The front lip is lower than the Saiga mags, so they look like AK mags. However, the description of the Saiga Promag alludes to the fact that they work in a Saiga without modification. So, buying any used ones is an unknown without knowing the model number (or some other means of distinction) to assure it's for Saiga and not AK.

Any other way to tell the two apart?

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#2 TJohn


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Posted 23 November 2011 - 04:39 PM

The Saiga specific Promags should have a taller front lip which serves as a bullet guide for the unmodified/ sporter version of the Saiga. I will look in my junk pile to see if I can find any of my old Promags to see if there is a model number on them, as I had both at one time. I cut the tab off when I installed my bullet guide and the Saiga specific Promag didn't fit worth a hoot afterwards and the regular AK mags were loose so they all went to the "junk I shouldn't have bought" bin.

Tapcos or Surefire/SGM will serve you much better if you wish to stick with American manufacturers (although I have had to monkey with the Surefires more to get them to fit and lock in and still have some trouble when fully loaded). Don't know about US Palm, haven't tried one yet due to the price. Only negative I have on the Tapco's is no steel reinforcement in the mag catches or lips, but I have yet to have problems with one, so far I have been satisfied with the Tapco's at least for casual use.

Just my opinion, it is your money and spend it as you please, but I think you would be better off installing a bullet guide and doing a minimal pistol grip, buttstock and trigger group modification to make your rilfe 922r compliant, and just pick up some surplus mags if you want over 10 rounds. Steel ak mags if you have 7.62 Saiga, or some good Bulgarian surplus mags if you have a 5.45 Saiga.

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