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With the open sights, my saiga-12 shoots to the right. I've tried to ping the rear sight over but it won't budge(rear sight is on a dove tail). Any suggestions, do you have to disassemble the front flywheel to get the movement in the rear sight? I would like to resolve this problem. The second part of this question is since this sight alignment problem is ticking me off :angry: I have somewhat resided myself to the idea of the kobra sight. I have visited Tantals sight and reviewed threads on this forum which have been extremely helpful. For those of you that have owned or presently own kobra sights is there that much of a difference in the height of the weaver base model versus the standard side base model. I am sort of leaning towards the weaver base model because it has the ability to adapt to other guns i use for hunting besides my Saiga 12 or AK. I know this sits higher but is there still plenty of room for sight adjustment to zero in? Does the standard side rail model just sit that much lower that it is a preference issue rather than an operational issue. Please advise.

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:eek: Do you like shooting with your face on the butt stock or off? If you want to shoot with your face on the butt stock the go with the side mount, plus the cheap weaver rail side mounts are eactly that, CHEAP! A good side-rail mount costs about $80-$100 and that is more than 75% of the cost of a Kobra sight. By two Kobra's for $260 shipped OR buy one Kobra weaver base $129 and one descent side-rail with a weaver rail for $95 for a total of $224, save only $36 this way!


Do I make sense? :super:

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I got tha side rail weaver mount from CDNN for my 7.62x39, but it would fit the 12 ga just as well.Yes, it is high.I like it that way so I can use the iron sights to aquire the target , the look through the scope.I made a cheek riser pad out of some deer hide with pipe insulation under it and it works quite well.The mount only cost $39.00, you can take it off and re-install it as much as you like it it stays zeroed in just fine.I think it would be great on the 12 ga with a red dot or 4x scope to shoot slugs.I'll probobly get another one of those mounts someday, if I can stop spending all my $$ on C&Rs.I just can't justify spending more for optics than the gun costs.

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