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OK folks,

here we go, paying it forward!

Nailbomb's recent Product Review Contest concluded, the Winners were announced and Prizes awarded.

2nd Place Winner, Bridis, simply gave his prizes back to the community, FCFS... Bridis you rock!


I promised to do the same with one or two of my 3rd Place prices.

But, I'm going to make you work a little for one of mine. drevil.gif



The Contest is 'Guess How Many Rounds of Ammo'.

It will conclude on Saturday, Nov 19th, 5pm/CST.

Winner will be the closest, without going over.

One entry per contestant.



ETA: If by chance, someone nails the Exact Number, I will immediately call the contest over and Award the Winner.


Prize: Krebs Custom Combat Sight (Condition: Used )

I already have a set of these on my S12, and they are fantastic sights!



FRONT click for larger image



BACK click for larger image










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Laugh my frikkin ass off... Patrick just PM'd me inquiring about his prize.   Patrick, you're a funny guy.

Saturday, Dec 3rd @ 5pm/cst will be two weeks, if Patrick has not responded by then, I will declare the prize forfeit and present a new contest. The next contest will only be open to Contributors.  

No sir... But it looked like 550 to me       Thanks for the compliments on the contest ya'll. I wanted to do something different, have fun and pay it forward to the members here. Glad ya'll en

The contest results will be certified by a CPA........right? 011.gif



I have a count list with the number of each caliber, and Nailbomb or another Moderator will know the actual count.

Just joking with ya.


Cool of you to give back. Something may be in the works on my side as well.

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