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Trigger Question

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Hi guys, Ive been a reader of this forum for quite some time, and this is my first post.


I have a question about buying a tapco g2 trigger. I hear they are good for the money so I am planning on getting one. My question is do I want a single or a double for my saga 5.45. Also do I need to get a retaining plate with it as well? Im putting the pistol grip if that makes any difference. Also I would like to keep the BHO, I like it as an addition at the range for when my weapon is clear.


As of now Im going to wait to see if I need to put a bullet guide in it for now. Money is a little tight and Im only using money I can get from donating plasma to buy mags and ammo. So I will try to not have to get BG yet. If I need it I will put it in soon enough.


Thanks in advanced for your advice!

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A single hook is all you need. 95% of the guns out there use a single hook when they are converted. A double hook is more work for no gain is my feeling if you aren't building a target rifle I would order a single. Check out our vendor section most of them offer a single hook already modified for the BHO. You can also get a polished trigger I recommend this it give you a nice clean crisp trigger pull. I got my from Cobra76 and I love it and he has some good prices and he also offer a trigger plate too. But look around you can find them anywhere just make sure it is modified for the BHO. UNLESS you are handy and there several sticky on how to modifiy and polish the FCG yourself, it is up to you. As for the retaining plate you can use the wire but I would recommeng the plate it is money well spent.


Also: Since this is your first post WELCOME to the sickness it is all down hill from there. And let me just say I think that is pretty hardcore that your are willing to go and sell plasma (you could sell some other body fluids015.gif) to get the money to build you gun. I wish there were some more people that dedicated around here!!!!027.gif

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