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Saiga 12 Video's Thread

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Saiga 12 Vs. Some very reactive targets! and of course a lovely lady shooting it   Water balloons, Shaving Cream, Silly String, and PROPANE!!!!   Oh did i mention it was captured in slow motion?

Yesterday shooting   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdNSH8AK2RQ     Autumn.  

My 11 yr old helping me try my homemade Russian style brake. Me trying the brake

I hope to get some footage of mine in a couple of weeks when I finally get to catch a break from my busy schedule.. I just ordered 500rds Centurion Slugs, 250rds Winchester Ranger BuckShot, and 1,000rds of Speer Lawman 9mm that should be getting delivered mid week this week. If I can't have fun with that, I'm doing something wrong... lol


BTW, great idea for a thread.

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This one was for the people that said I couldn't achieve 100% reliability with "low brass" loads....





This one was.... just because.



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This one was because i'm not quite right. Never again will I do a video with 5 round mags.... well, 20 of them, anyways.





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i dont know how to post the video in the comment so here is a link. Its poor quality but its all I have.


Here ya go....



ETA: HELL YEAH!!!! Well done!

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Again I start out the video shooting "gangsta" style! lol and the two FTFs were do to the ammo I think because the brass had a slight lip at the front and the top round got hung up on the round below it. It only happened twice so we still had fun.

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Consummate Built Saiga-12 Combat Shotgun

Permanently attached brake

MD arms 20 Round Drum

Unloading 20 Rounds

Federal Bulk Pack 2.75" 7 1/2 shot $23 for 100 rounds.




Lindsey taking it for a ride.



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